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Listen to Stēvi M Narrate her come up

"She gravitated toward writing songs (...) that can stand the test of time and are mesmerizing. With time she was able to get back on track, she found her voice and has been sturdily moving up. Her vocal aspect makes listening to her intriguing and enchanting."

Pitch Perfect


"There’s a heavy electronic beat, wild opera singing and rapping. It’s very original any way you slice it. The transition back to the hook is somehow seamless which might be the most impressive part of the song. It should be noted that Ivy States put together the instrumental aspects of the song."

Extra Va French

Watch Me Go by Stevi M and Ivy States

"The ephemeral duo takes us into a modern Latin Pop tango with a musicality in the caliber of artists such as Camila Cabello, Pink Martini, Selena Gomez, Pitbull."

Os Garotos de Liverpool

Blog Article

"Com ritmos de tango, rumba, linha vocal emocionante, envolvente, repleta de alma, ótimos crescentes e até mesmo trechos mais voltados para o rap, essa parceria entre ela a Ivy States, co-compositor e produtor desse trabalho, pode ser ouvida abaixo"

"Stevi M's Watch Me Go: A Latin Pop Anthem of Personal Power"

"Watch Me Go highlights the singer's soulful voice and the smooth rap break by co-writer Ivy States. A luscious sound that is both danceable and anthemic is produced by blending the tango, rumba, and cha cha rhythms with soaring strings."

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Contributing Artist Stēvi M